Impress your clients with web based seminars
Web based seminars at your fingertips: show off your company’s expertise and create relationships!
When the time comes to show off your company’s expertise to potential clients (and even existing ones!), a web based seminar is one of the most effective cloud solutions at your fingertips!
This article explains how it’s done, with examples and tips.
But first, don’t be put off by the thought of the technology!

Here’s how simple it is

  • Create a presentation about your expertise. If you already have a set of PowerPoint slides and a script that you’ve used in networking meetings that would be just the job!
  • Chose a service provider (starter list below!) as a carrier for your presentation
  • Chose a date for delivering the seminar
  • Create a stir about the subject and send out email invitations
  • Run the seminar
  • Don’t forget to use the event as a springboard to establish a relationship with whoever came!

Here’s an example
Web based seminars are live events, and aren’t always recorded for later viewing. Here’s one that was though!
It’s about creating healthy recipes. (1)

So step by step:
1. Create a presentation: a tried and tested combination is PowerPoint + script

  • Keep it lively – naturally it’s harder to keep people’s attention in an online seminar than in a face to face one
  • Try to have more than one presenter for variety
  • For added sophistication, consider using video as well as slides
  • Rehearse – you’ll be live!

2.       Chose a service provider

  • Here are 3 of the top, well tested providers
  • Gotowebinar
  • Megameeting
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • All of them offer free trials: sign up and try
  • They all vary with different levels of facilities and support
  • Get an idea of what each is like from their websites, Youtube videos or consult an intermediary if you’re stuck!
  • 3.       Chose a date for delivering your seminar
  • But of course, don’t advertise the date until you’re confident in your presentation
  • 4.       Create a stir about the subject and send out email invitations
  • Use LinkedIn and Twitter for example to create an interest in the subject
  • When you are ready use your channels to advertise it
  • Use the facilities provided by the supplier to email the people you particularly want to attend
  • 5.       Run the seminar 
  • 50-60 minutes is long enough – very difficult to be punchy longer!
  • TURN YOUR ATTENDEES INTO PARTICIPANTS! Here are two great features nearly all suppliers offer:
  • o Live surveys: have them use their keyboards to ANSWER questions, and give them the aggregated answers online
  • o Instant messaging: have them ASK questions as you go along – answer them at various stages of the webinar
  • 6.       Follow up the participants and create a relationship with them
  • Web based seminars can be great way of proving competence – SHOW OFF!
  • Get them looking forward to more seminars – KEEP THEM COMING BACK!
  • As always, let’s make this a conversation

    Please scroll down below my personal details to “leave a response”. Ask questions, tell us about your experience. I’ll put any tips you leave me in a future catch-up article.

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