Many companies are getting ready for the big return to work. However, it is undeniable that the pandemic has changed many aspects of our lifestyles, including the way we conduct our jobs and network with others. If you are thinking about getting employees back to the office, some adjustments can help to create a safe and comfortable area for all. Alongside all this, office spaces need to evolve with the changing needs of professional – a characteristic that can be a determining factor in retaining your company’s talents.

Evaluate What Adjustments You Need to Make

Before investing in technologies and strategies that allow you to create a safer environment for your employees and co-workers, it is essential to have a look at what has changed in your workforce.

Many professionals might be happy to continue working from home, while others have to adjust to the new obstacles that the lockdown and social distancing measures have brought on. Before jumping into a complete remodelling of your office, speak to your employees and team member. This type of analysis will give you a better understanding of how large your new office space should be and the features that it should have.

Invest in Technology

If some of your employees are happy and productive while working from home, you might decide to save on office spaces and continue with such a telecommute. Behind this choice, however, you should have all the necessary technologies to sustain your work-frame in the long run.

For example, cloud services to keep data safe, communication platforms’ subscriptions, and team management software can help you create new, more efficient procedures. While you might have been taken by surprise when the lockdown was first introduced, today you can find out what works best for your team.

VoIP solutions are also a good idea because you can deploy them anywhere. If some of your staff continue working from home and others return to the office, you’ll still have a unified communications solution. Plus, it’s considerably cheaper than utilising traditional setups.

In fact, VoIP is something you should consider irrespective of COVID-19 because it offers a more scalable option – especially for smaller businesses and organisations.

Create a Safer Environment

Creating a safer environment in your office is paramount. Enhancing safety and personal hygiene measures is at the base of the changes you might need to implement in your office. However, changing the internal structure of such workspaces can also be necessary.

Indeed, open spaces might not be viable anymore, and swapping seats for standing desks allow your employees to maintain the social distancing measures they need to respect. Sanitizing surfaces and limiting access to communal areas are also significant changes that you might need to consider implementing before your employees return to work.

Speak to a Professional

If you are striving to offer a safe environment to all of your team members, but you are unsure about the procedures and systems you need to implement, speaking to a professional can help. Companies that design office spaces can be hugely helpful in creating custom-made solutions for your employees and management team. If you have decided that this is the best option for you, you can click here for more information.

Don’t forget that you might require such services if the changes in your workforce have been drastic. For example, if the majority of employees are thriving while working from home, you might decide to switch to a smaller, more affordable, and intimate office space. Creating a customized, safe environment is essential in this case.

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