Facilities managers are responsible for looking after workplace buildings to create a workplace environment that protects staff welfare, optimises staff performance, and increases productivity. To perform to their best in the workspace, staff need to feel like they’re working in a safe and secure environment provided by their employer. Read our guide on how facilities managers can ensure staff feel comfortable and safe at work to find out more about this type of thing.

Demonstrate the Company Cares About Staff Welfare

Actions speak louder than words, and there are many things that facilities managers can do when managing workplace buildings to demonstrate the company cares about the welfare of their staff. For example, having accessible toilets on every floor will show employees that inclusivity and treating employees fairly is something the company truly cares about.

Happy Staff Also Tend to be More Productive

When staff are comfortable in their workplace and feel valued and respected by their employer, they are usually more productive and able to provide better results for the business.

Show Compliance with Important Health and Safety Regulations

Staying up to date with all the latest workplace health and safety regulations is vital for facilities managers. A company can be shut down if it fails to adequately protect the lives and safety of its employees in the workplace. When facility managers ensure health and safety regulations are followed to the letter, staff can feel much more reassured and safer spending time in the workplace. For example, new employees being given in-depth talks about workplace fire safety and a facilities manager showing them where the fire exits are located helps new employees know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Complying with health and safety regulations can be a matter of life and death, so facilities managers must get on top of it. To find out more about how you can manage your building more smartly and make staff feel safe at work, check out www.fsifm.com. FSI deliver facilities management technology to help facilities managers in a variety of industries across the globe; utilising their resources will help you understand questions like ‘why choose FSI?’

Maintain Crucial Workplace Appliances

Facilities managers need to keep on top of maintenance issues and ensure the building’s utilities are in full working order. Staff may become frustrated if workplace appliances stop working and they can’t do basic things such as connecting to the internet at their workspace or flush the toilet in the office bathroom. Eliminate this from happening by keeping on top of any repairs that are needed, and encouraging people to file any repair jobs or issues they notice.

Keep the Building Hygienic and Clean Throughout

Cleanliness in the workplace is a health and safety issue. A member of staff can easily fall over and injure themselves if there are hazardous obstacles constantly left lying around the office floor, such as large office files. Facility managers are responsible for planning and overseeing the cleaning of the workspace building. Since the pandemic, employees are more wary about how clean and sanitised their workplace is out of fear of catching the virus themselves. Keeping the place clean and tidy is essential for making staff comfortable about the idea of coming into work.  

Facilities managers need to look after workplace buildings properly so that employees can flourish and businesses stay productive. Employers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of making staff feel safe and comfortable working in the building they work.

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