When you have a start-up business, things can often feel very tight with costs and it may be a while before you turn a profit but you will start to see small increases in profit after a while and you want to make sure you are saving money in the right places early on. There are a few ways you can save money in a business or company depending on what type of company you run. For example, some farms have added a ‘Pick your own element’ so people come to visit the farm, pick your crops and buy what they want. They enjoy it as a fun day out and the farm will save on paying for people to pick and sell the crops to a certain extent. Another good example is outsourcing jobs which take up a lot of time, then the business owner will be able to focus more on the growth of the company and increasing income and profit.

When you start a business different types of companies are normally eligible for some form of funding, which is most often locally given by governments. Although this doesn’t save money as such it gives you a boost which means you save on buying things you would have had to spend your own money on for the start-up of the business.

In terms of marketing, it can be quite a costly element of any business but normally very necessary for any form of growth or increase in popularity. A good way to have a low-cost marketing campaign is to use the industry’s influencers. There are so many influencers all over the world that niche into different things. Some micro and smaller influencers while still effective will help promote businesses and products in return for a small fee or even just a free product or service. You can also incentivise them, by offering an affiliate programme where they get a portion of the profit for recommending you to others.

If your business requires large machinery this can be a very costly element of trying to get things going. If you need a forklift for example you could look at getting one second hand or that has been refurbished. If you need farm equipment like trailers you could look for trailers for sale on Farm ads.

Another way to save money is by thinking about your workspace. Do you need to rent an office? This can be very expensive with rent, utilities and all the furniture you will need to buy. Some elements of business that are online can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have WiFi. You could look at shared workspaces where you pay for the time you are there, work from home or even in a coffee shop. The pandemic has driven a lot of businesses to work from home which will have saved on costs so this is a great thing to think about when starting up your business and deciding if and when you need space.

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