Thinking about opening a corner shop?

The dream of having your own business is something that very little amounts of people achieve in their lifetime. Starting up your own business is a bold move, and if you don’t take the correct steps, you could find yourself out of pocket and out of a job. It’s understandable that if you wanted to set up a corner shop that you’ve got your own hesitations. However, here’s a guide on how you can set up your very own corner shop and avoid disappointment.

The Start Smarter Corner shop Business Plan:

Research location

While corner shops are pretty much able to work in any rural area, it’s always important to research the location of your corner shop before delving into any planning. Think about the type of people that use corner shops. It’s usually teenagers on their way to school, alongside elderly people wanting their morning newspaper. Correlate information like this with your decision on where to set up shop. It will greatly help your customers and allow you to kick off your business on a high.

How much does it cost to start a corner shop?

Setting up a business isn’t cheap, and when you’re thinking of opening your own store you’re going to need some funding from somewhere to be able to stock the shop in the first place! It’s unlikely that you’ve got thousands stashed away ready for an occasion like this, so you need to think about how you’re going to get the money you need to find a location, decorate your shop and most importantly, stock it. Luckily, you can apply for some credit for the business that can help you make the start much easier. Take a look at these best small business line of credit and see how it can help you fulfil your dream and set up your very own store.

What kind of products will you be selling?

Corner shops tend to be very general in what they sell. They often stock basic essentials, sweets, cigarettes, alcohol and newspapers. Why not think of other things that you could be selling so that you can really make a stamp in the community and entice customers to your store even more. The more that you stock, the more chance you have of getting people walking through your doors. Thinks like birthday cards and little bits and bobs like candles are all things that people may need, yet want the convenience of just being able to nip to the corner shop to obtain.

Bring something innovative to the game

Much like every new business, you need to bring something to the game that no other business can offer to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s unheard of for small stores to have social media accounts, but why not run some and advertise your business through the power of social media? You can run competitions and list offers that you have on so that you’ve got even more of a chance of your shop filling up with customers.

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