Starting your own business means you’ll spend your time wearing lots of different hats. One day you’re an accountant, and the next, you’re a media marketing mogul. While at the start, this practice will have you feeling like a big fish in a small pond. Eventually, it’ll wear thin and quickly becomes a headache that you don’t need. Signs you need professional help for your start-up and tips on which ones to recruit first. 

But how do you know when to bite the bullet and payout to bring the big guns in? And which ones do you start with? Some jobs should be handed over to the experts. And there are red flags to look out for that’ll let you know it’s time to outsource. 

How Do I Know My Start-Up Needs A Professionals Touch?

There are three sure-signs it’s time to hire some pros.

1. You Require Expertise That You Don’t Have

There really are some jobs that only well-seasoned professional should touch. And yes, at the start, it’s all hands on deck. And yes, you’ll turn your hand to a lot of things. But if the outcome isn’t right, it’ll cost you precious time. In some cases, it’ll even cost you thousands. 

2. There Aren’t Enough Hours In The Day

If you’re at the point where you just can’t seem to get everything done in the 24 hours each day gives you – it’s time to outsource. But don’t see it as a failing! It actually just means you’re doing too well to be able to keep all the plates spinning yourself. Asking for help is a good thing. And time really is money in business.

3. Customers Are Starting To Rumble

Ah, the old adage ‘the customer is always right’. While that’s not actually true, and if you’ve spent any time in retail you’ll know that. But unhappy customers can be a red flag that you need professional help. No company is immune to complaints, but a sudden rise in the points to something that needs fixing. And whatever you’re currently doing needs an unbiased pro to take a look. 

So, Who Should You Hire First?

You’ve finally admitted to yourself that you really do need a professional on your team. But which should be top of your recruitment list?


First up should be someone to balance your books and deal with the nightmare that is tax. As a sole trader, doing your own books is simple. But once you start hiring, it can quickly become overwhelming. And the devil is in the details. Miss it, and you’ll be lamenting not getting an accountant sooner. 

Accountants not only handle your money, but they are also an excellent source of information. And they give great advice that’ll be invaluable to your budding empire. Plus, they sort out tax and give out expert tax advice. And tax is everyone’s least favourite chore. But a job that, if it’s done wrong, will literally cost you thousands.

Graphic Designer

You might assume that you’d need someone to build your website first. But now that building websites is child’s play, you can do a pretty good job of that on your own to save some pennies. But having a coherent brand takes a professional. 

Graphic Designers will not only make your website look excellent, but they can also extend your brand feel across all of your marketing. Nothing makes a company look more like it’s got its head screwed on properly than clean, professional and coherent marketing. 


Customer shop with their eyes. That might sound ridiculous to say. Of course, they shop with their eyes. But it’s more than that. People make decisions and judgements on your company based on how it looks. We’ve covered how a Graphic Designer can help with this. But that help extends to Photographers.

How often have you browsed online and bought something that you didn’t need purely based on how good it looks in the photo? It’s probably more than once, right? That’s precisely why a pro-Photographer will actually make you money. And it’s not just product photos that they’ll elevate, it’s also all images you use for marketing. Combine this with your swish new branding the Graphic Designer has provided, and you’re onto a winner. 

SEO Specialist

There is a certain amount of SEO that you can hash through yourself. But if you want to get the highest return on your efforts, you’ll need a specialist. Not only will they improve your SEO and overall site traffic, they’ll also give you a solid action plan for now and the future. They understand what it takes to grow a company’s exposure. And they’ll do it all within the sound and feel of your own brand.

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