Saving the planet is something that a lot of us need to think about in our everyday lives. Whether it be in our capacity as a business owner or as an individual it is so important to consider the environment and try to lessen our impact on it. 

Today we want to talk about some of the simple ways you can save the planet every day and make the world a better place for future generations. 

Team up with a charity 

As a business owner one of the best things you can do to impact the planet is to team up with a charity and use your business for good. It could be something such as holding a charity fundraiser; donating a percentage of your profits; or educating people online about the planet. Working with a charity in this way will help people consider their own impact on the world and it will also improve your reputation as a business owner. 

Grow your own produce 

One simple way to look after the environment in your own personal life is to grow your own fruit and vegetables at home. Fruit and vegetables when in the supermarket are often grown in one place, transported across the world for packaging, and then transported back for sale. A lot of money and energy is used here that could be saved by growing your own. Sustainability is something crucial not only in personal lives but in our business lives – and is something to consider working toward each day. 

Invest in trees 

Investment is something that is smart for both a personal and a business perspective. Investment can bring you passive income over the years and it will also allow you to save some of your assets in a safe place should you need them. You can consider forestry investment this year and invest your money in trees. The planet is in dire need of help and trees provide oxygen for all animals and take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Save the trees and help to maintain our planet for the future. 

Save energy 

Energy saving is good not only for money saving – but will have a big impact on the planet. When fossil fuels  are burnt for our energy purposes it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This greenhouse gas damages our ozone layer allowing sunlight in and warms up the planet. This has been a devastating problem for decades and many polar areas have melted, leaving a lot of animals endangered and even extinct. The impact our energy usage has on the environment around us is big and if we all reduced our energy usage each day it could save the planet. 

Get walking 

Drive everywhere? Not any more. If you want to impact the planet as well as yourself in a positive way this year consider walking more and driving less. Instead of driving 5 minutes to your local shop – walk for 20. Get some exercise and ensure that carbon dioxide isn’t damaging the planet!

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