As a start-up business all your big hopes and dreams may seem somewhat distant as you struggle to stay afloat in the treacherous world of business. However, everyone starts somewhere, even some of the biggest companies you see around you today were once only small self start-up businesses.

This beautifully designed and easy to read infographic shows how 8 originally small businesses made it big. There is plenty of inspiration to take from the stories of businesses such as Anita Roddick’s Body Shop and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and perhaps there are even some ideas you could apply to your own business’ ventures.

There are a number of ways that small business can grow, one of the ways is through business loans from companies such as Merchant Money.

Alongside plenty of other tips, facts and stats the info-graphic explores the true meaning of entrepreneurship and all of the risks and rewards associated with the venture.


Photo: the boston globe/getty images
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