Can you remember the last time you looked at your business expenses? If you’re not checking your expenses over regularly, then you may be wasting a ton of money. Looking at your expenses every month, or at least every 6 weeks, will ensure you haven’t missed out on an important calculation or change.

Even if you do keep an eye on your expenses, you could have missed out on some seriously smart ways to cut them down further. Fear that you’ve been spending too much money? Fear no more – read on and you could cut your expenses by half this year!

Cut Printing And Go Paperless

The more you can cut paper usage in your business, the paper. You’ll save money on paper, ink, and other resources, and you’ll be saving the environment at the same time. Only print when you absolutely have to and use both sides.

Apps like Evernote can be used to store important business documents that you don’t want to lose. Using the cloud is a good idea too. This way, no matter what happens to your physical premises, you’ll have your documents. It could be ransacked, flooded, or some other disaster could befall it, and your documents would still be fine.

Become A More Environmentally Friendly Business

Becoming a more environmentally friendly business takes time. So, it’s important you take baby steps so as not to get overwhelmed. Start by doing little things and getting everybody on the same page as you. Recycle, change your light bulbs, and make the most of natural light. Work with businesses who are also environmentally friendly to double the positive impact.

Go For A Sim Only Deal

Finding a great deal on your mobile phone can be great for business. You likely need to stay in touch on the go, using data for your apps, using minutes for important calls, and sending quick updates via text. Contract phones can be expensive, and most people end up renewing their contract when it’s over. Always consider whether you can negotiate a cheaper deal when your contract is up, and even consider going for a sim only deal. If you do decide to do this, taking care of your phone and getting insurance is imperative!

You can learn more from resources like HandsetExpert who know all about this kind of thing. If you pay for business phones for your employees, make sure you look at ways to cut the expenses of those, too. Many companies offer great deals for multiple phone contracts and sim only deals.

Negotiate With Your Suppliers

If you’ve built a great relationship with your suppliers, you should be able to negotiate better deals with them. Be polite and see what they’d be willing to do for you.

Trim The Fat

It might sound harsh, but if you have any employees that aren’t pulling their weight, it could be time to let them go. This is your business, not a charity. Of course, you’ll need to follow the correct legal procedures. So bear this in mind and handle it delicately to keep up your reputation.

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