This post will address the factors that make a badge making business at home profitable, futureproof and practical.

While home-based business ideas have seen a lot of growth and success recently in the United Kingdom, a large percentage of ventures are still failing, unfortunately.

Although various other factors are also there that need to be considered, more often than not, home businesses fail because they simply choose the wrong sector to work in. A small badge making business, however, is just perfect for a home-based business model. It’s both doable and profitable, as long as you get your basics right of course. As to why and how making badges can be an ideally suited home business that’s profitable and sustainable, we will discuss that part next.

Technology and Changes in Mentality Don’t Affect the Badge Making Business Negatively

Badges and buttons are not going to go out of demand anytime soon, because they have a unique advantage over most of the other industries that are threatened at the moment due to rapid technological advances made in the business. Most paper-based businesses, for instance, have seen a drastic loss in revenue because the world is trying to go paperless for both environmental benefits and the cost-effectiveness of doing so.

On the other hand, schools, colleges, the police, the military wings and several other establishments need badges for creating IDs. They also take pride in giving out badges, buttons, medals and the like to commemorate memberships, achievements, inclusions, promotions, valour, etc.

If you manage to make and maintain contacts with the right institutions/establishments/schools, rest assured that technology is not going to run you out of business for the foreseeable future. If anything, technology is going to help your little venture in more ways than one, which we will get to next.

Technology is What Makes the Small Badge Maker’s Dreams Come True

One of the principle ideas behind a home-based business is that it needs to be as lean and cost-effective as possible due to the obvious limitations of space, resources and budget. This is why technology is a boon for small badge making companies because they can order everything online, starting from the two- and three-hole spring clip, to the badge making machines themselves.

The idea is really simple here, and to explain how online ordering makes it easier to run a home business, even when setting aside the convenience factor, just check the price of bulk 2-hole spring clip orders on KYD. Now compare the same price and quality to that of the spring clips sold by offline wholesalers. You will find that the difference is significantly high, especially when the long-term nature of the business association is factored in. The cost saved by the spring clip manufacturers on skipping physical, retail establishments is reflected in their online pricing, which is exactly what your little business will also be able to take advantage of and reduce the cost of production.


Eventually, as your business grows, you may need to expand out of your home too, but just for now, the badge making business will almost certainly be able to earn you a decent income at the very least.

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