Your team works from home – whether this has always been the arrangement or it is a result of the current pandemic it doesn’t matter, what’s important is that the wellbeing of remote employees is still taken seriously. Just because your team members work from the comfort of their own homes, that doesn’t mean that their wellbeing isn’t still a responsibility of yours. 

You might feel that because your team members work from home, you’re not in a position to support their wellbeing. How can you when you can only communicate virtually? Believe it or not, despite the fact that your team members work remotely, you can still support their wellbeing, it’s just a case of knowing what steps you can take to do so. 

Intrigued? Have a read of the tips and suggestions below for ways in which you can support your remote teams’ wellbeing. 

Start meetings with meditation 

If you want to help support your team members’ wellbeing, starting virtual meetings with meditation can be a good step to take. By starting each meeting with 10 minutes of group meditation, you can help to make sure that your team members aren’t feeling overly stressed or worried. Meditation is great for calming the mind and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. Either you can lead the meditation session or you can use an app like the Calm app, for instance. 

Send care packages 

Another way to help boost your team members’ wellbeing is to think about sending each of them a care package every so often. When it comes to gifts for wfh staff, a care package can be the perfect way to give them a boost and make them feel valued and appreciated. Plus, a care package can help your team members to remember the importance of self-care. 

Offer access to virtual workouts 

When it comes to making sure that your team members are taking their wellbeing seriously, another step that you can take is to offer all team members access to virtual workouts, including virtual meditation-based activities such as pilates and yoga. There are apps that you can offer subscriptions to, such as the Fiit app, for instance. 

Have an ‘open door’ policy in place 

It’s important that your team members feel that they can talk to you, should they feel stressed or overly pressured, or if they’re struggling with their mental health. By telling your team members that they can contact you anytime if they have any worries or concerns, you can help to support their wellbeing despite them working from home. You will find that just knowing you’re available will help to better manage your team members’ mental health. 

Supporting the wellbeing of your remote employees doesn’t have to be any more difficult just because they work from home. It’s just a case of knowing what steps you should take to help support them, that’s all. 

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