Using the most up-to-date technology can help to keep your company ahead of competitors. However, establishing and maintaining this tech isn’t always an easy task for your average person. In fact, much of this tech is so advanced that you need a tech expert to set it up and look after it. Outsourcing help is cheaper than doing it in-house as many outsourced services will already have the right resources at their disposal. In some cases, it could even be more secure to keep tech support off site. But just which tech tasks should you be outsourcing? This post lists 5 tasks that are often better to outsource.

IT repairs

If you’ve got a software bug or a hardware issue, it’s worth having IT support on call to help you. Some IT services will be able to guide you remotely or even take control of your computer with your permission to fix any issues. Alternatively, you can outsource a local service that can be called out to your premises if you need to fix a machine or software bug in person. This could work out a lot cheaper than hiring an in-house technician to handle repairs.


Cybercrime tactics are getting more advanced. Outsourcing cybersecurity professionals is worthwhile for carrying out tasks like monitoring your network and helping you defend against attacks. Cybersecurity firms can also advise you on ways to further protect your system by carrying out penetration tests to look for weaknesses. Some may also host secure cloud servers that you can use for backing up files.

Software/app development

Developing custom software or applications is something that many of us have no clue as to how to do. Outsourcing a software development company is therefore the best option. These companies have teams of staff that build you software to your specs. This could include custom mobile apps. On top of developing this software, they can also maintain it for you – including keeping it secure and bug-free. It’s worth shopping around for rates as software development can be expensive.

Website hosting

More business owners are building their own website. Using drag-and-drop website builders, it’s very easy to do. One task however that you don’t want to do is host your own website. Website data needs to be stored on a secure server to protect it from hackers. Unless you can afford a top quality server to keep on your premises, it’s better to outsource website hosting – it’s much more secure and cheaper.

Digital strategy

When it comes to improving your IT infrastructure, it can also be worth outsourcing support. Tech experts can help you to build a digital strategy which includes migrating to cheaper/better software, using new hardware to improve productivity or streamlining your technology to make it easier to manage. Such companies may also be able to help set up this technology and train you (and your staff) how to use it. This could save you a lot of time trying to set up tech yourself and getting to grips with it.

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