Technology really should be considered a wonderful thing. It has the power to do literally anything, from creating things, to saving lives, there’s pretty much nothing it can’t now do. It has been exciting to watch how technology has advanced over the years, and the capabilities that it has to change the world. At the moment, there really are some technological wonders entering the world. The way in which gadgets and tech is designed is ever changing, and the power that they now have is just amazing. So, we wanted to discuss some of the technological wonders that are floating about at the minute, and some you might be able to get your hands on!


Robotics is probably one of the more scary ventures for a lot of people. Don’t get us wrong, robotics is pretty cool, but how lifelike they’re able to make some of them now is just intriguing, yet worrying at the same time. This is probably influenced by films that we’ve seen that might have sparked such a fear. However worrying they might be, they’re still pretty cool. They’re able to talk, have emotion, detect emotion even. But robotics doesn’t necessarily just mean human robotics. Mechanical robotics is something that has improved recently over the years. In fact, remember how we spoke about it being able to save lives, well that’s exactly what mechanical robotics is doing in surgical theaters. If it wasn’t for the precision that they’re able to uphold, some of the surgeries that we’re now exploring today just wouldn’t be possible. Research is still being done day, day out, to try and improve the way in which both of these pieces of technology work, which can only lead to exciting things in the future!


Computing is definitely something that has made big strides in recent years that we’ve all witnessed. If you think back 10 years to the time where PCs were the only thing you could really use, and even then it took five minutes for a web page to open! Now, we’re seeing laptops and computers with computing power that is just unpresidented. Laptops are also taking the world by storm now, with PC becoming a dying era. There’s so many laptops that you could choose from, some can be found on this website It all depends on what you’re looking for. If we’re talking technological wonders, we should probably talk about the computing power of coding and software devices. Certain laptops and PCs were built purposely for it. Whilst they might not be as exciting as a normal laptop to some of you, their power should still be appreciated.


Finally, 3D is something we definitely feel we should talk about. You can now sit in the comfort of your own home, and watch something on the TV in 3D, in perfect quality. It’s like bringing the cinema to you, which a lot of people love the idea of. Cinemas of course still rule with this one however!

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