Over the years Apple have done a better job of branding their quality premium product whereas Samsung was merely a cheaper alternative to more high-tech phones. An intriguing point to note is that they only achieved fame and notoriety after their legal battle with Apple over patents. For a company that has remained on the top of their game for so long to suddenly be struck by a competitor like Samsung seemed unbelievable. Consequently it is fair to say that Samsung’s legal battles helped them become a closer competitor with Apple as consumers realised that Samsung phones must be good if Apple is so threatened they had to go to court and this leads me on to my next point.

Apple have consistently performed worse when the technical aspects are examined  and in actual fact the mass produced, low quality products lead to many becoming familiar with their local Genius Store advisor. Camera’s are a simple and common feature in modern mobiles and Sony Ericsson have been offering 8 megapixel camera’s (a high definition picture quality) in their devices since early 2000 but Apple’s latest offering is still only 5mp without flash functionality.

Amazingly, Apple’s marketing became so great they didn’t even need to explain how good the products were in adverts and now they are quivering and quaking in the face of competition. Is anyone else to starting to question what is next for Apple? They started off innovatively providing us with products that we never even knew we needed. What was so wrong with buttons? They make things easy to text and type with but Apple thought no lets give them buttonless, touchscreen phones which are harder to use but everyone will want it anyway? They were the company that told us we needed tablets even thought laptops or notebooks work well. They told us we needed IPods when mp3 players worked fine!

So imagine my shock when I open my email to see a message from Apple stating ‘Reasons why you will love their new IPhone’. I was confused thinking but you’re the company that never tells people why they will love the product you simply release it and people do. This to me was the equivalent of Jimmy Choo or Channel releasing a statement saying why we will love their latest bag! They don’t have to explain it people simply do!. I thought to myself this must be the result of increasing frustration against Samsung and they are worried about their loyal customers switching to Samsung. This weak, spineless campaign has worked against them as it publicly displays their worries about people still loving them even though they were once a confident, outgoing brand.

NEWSFLASH: Double shock Apple have actually started asking customers what feature they actually want to see in a new phone! Is this a final desperate attempt to bring together a few more sales before it all goes Pete Tong? This is coming from a company which has always done what it wants and doesn’t care what the customer want because we will like it anyway. Well I think its safe to say this will be the final dagger in Apples heart and I don’t know whether they will be able to resuscitate?

In the long run the development of phones has gone in leaps and bounds and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. We now have water proof phones phone’s that can operate our home appliances.

It is an interesting industry to follow and it can make one wonder what is next for mobiles? Will we soon be able to drink and store food from our mobiles, maybe they will operate the oven for our TV dinners! We eagerly await the next instalment of mobile phone technology with baited breath. Bring on the NEXT BIG THING!

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