What is chemical etching and what are the benefits of chemical etching?

Chemical etching is a manufacturing process, the process uses etching chemicals to remove material, and produce metal parts, in whichever shape you desire. It’s a process designed for high precision, which is useful in many different industries. Chemical etching is used in industries such as industrial printing, electronics, food and beverage, medical, or automotive. There are many different benefits of chemical etching for your business including:

1. High precision

The process allows for high precision and complexity. Chemical etching involves removing multiple pieces of metal simultaneously. It’s simple to achieve whichever design shapes you require.

2 . Inexpensive tooling

Chemical etching uses digital tooling, this eliminates the need for more expensive tools and can help to save your company money. With the use of digital tooling, you can produce custom parts faster, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

3. Less distortion

If you use a water jet, stamped, or laser processes, you may find that your metal parts are prone to distortion. When you use chemical etching, you’ll experience less distortion. Additionally, you’ll find that your materials are less prone to degradation.

To learn more about the chemical etching process, check out the following infographic produced by leading fuel cell manufacturers.

Infographic Design By fuel cell manufacturers

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