Have you ever wondered why some business people succeed more than others when it comes to sales? You all know that not all businesses record same transactions each day. In fact, some close their deals faster than others. And don’t think that it’s a matter of how large or small the venture is. To be honest, it’s all about the tactics that one use to attract and maintain the customers.

Do you want to learn more about how you can be tactful enough to close sales just like some business tycoons? Read on, and you’ll find out.

Know your targeted customers

The worst mistake that many entrepreneurs make is entering into a venture without conducting thorough research on which your customers will be. For instance, some years back, my friend Jane ventured into an automobile business in an undeveloped village where there were neither educated people nor network. Mind you, the business capital was more than £47,000.

Unfortunately, five months down the line, she had sold nothing. How devastating, right? But are you wondering why with such a vast business she didn’t close any sale? The simple truth is that Jane didn’t research on who her customers for the automobiles will be. Back to the point, you can’t start any business and expect to close sales effectively without investigating who your targeted customers are. That’s not all; here comes another point.

Ensure you maintain your current customers

It’s worth noting that you can’t expect to increase your sales if you keep driving away your existing customers. Honestly, you must look for the best sales tactics to retain your trusted consumers. For instance, some of the ways you can embrace to ensure you maintain them include;

  • Minding the way you communicate with them
  • Ensuring your products are of good quality and quantity
  • Making sure you have a variety of goods and services
  • Offering after-sales-services

However, if customers find out that you sell low-quality products, or worse, you don’t use the acceptable language towards them, they might decide to purchase from other entrepreneurs. For instance, imagine what it would be like to get a new customer today, drive him/her away, look for another client the following day and expect to sell more than other entrepreneurs. Do you think that can be among the best sales tactics to close a sale? Definitely no.

Therefore, for you to sell more products, you have to ensure you retain your current customers, and if possible, ask them for referrals.

Know your competitors

Keeping track of who your competitors are is essential in the business world. To begin with, discovering who sells what and at how much can help you in knowing what to change in your business. For instance, if you find out that your competitor sells ladies’ fashion at a low price; you can decide to slightly lower the price of your designer clothes than his’/hers, but still get some profit.

This can be the best sales tactic to close sales, as customers will flock in your store since you’re selling at a lower price. This takes us to the next point.

Offering promotions to your customers

Giving incentives to your clients can be an excellent opportunity for you to close a sale. Just picture this; you sell discounted goods to your customers, give them free samples, and above all, you offer them gifts especially if they purchase in large quantities. Nevertheless, another business person sells the same products as you, but without the promotions. In this case, who do you think will have more customers?

Obviously, the consumers will flock in your store since you have the best services. For this reason, you’ll close more sales than any other competitor.

Make use of social media

Advancements in IT have made it easier for entrepreneurs to advertise their businesses on various platforms. For instance, you can now promote your products and services on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin among other prominent platforms. And remember, the more you advertise your products, the more you get potential clients.

For example, if you promote your products on Facebook where your relatives, friends, and colleagues will see them can make a significant impact on your venture. In other words, making use of IT advancements especially social media to advertise your services can be the best tactic when it comes to closing a sale.

Final thoughts

Even though some entrepreneurs think that the only way they can succeed in the business world is by having huge businesses, the secret is, using the best sales tactics. As a matter of fact, this is the only way an entrepreneur can use to close more sales.

For instance, as an entrepreneur, you must know who your competitors are as well as your targeted customers, look for ways to maintain those customers and make use of IT if you want to increase your sales. Actually, these are the best sales tactics to close sales.


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