Did you know there are 16.5 million electric cars on the road worldwide? With the market for electric vehicles expanding, smart creates something new for everyone. Smart has launched a new generation of electric cars.

The smart #1 car fuses the traditional smart design with a modern exterior to create a classy and elegant feel. Smart has embodied new and premium high technology in consideration of environmental conservation measures. 

Special Features 

What makes the smart #1 all that special? For starters, it is an electric SUV with sporty look and feels. The exterior is smooth and budge-free with frame-less doors, which adds a floating roof look. Did I mention the sunroof? Smart #1 has a sunroof for ambient natural lighting, which adds to the floating roof design. 

Another cool feature is that the front doors open in a different direction than the rear doors. The car designs spell elegance with the full-width LED light bar and a smooth, classy finish. The aerodynamic design lets the car glide smoothly as you drive, minimizing the distance between charges. 

The interior is similar to the older smart cars but is more spacious owing to the positioning of the wheels. The SUV gives more legroom with the rear seats’ ability to move backwards and forward. A critical interior feature is the centre console that floats. The interior of the smart #1 has a unique and luxurious feel. 

Why Is the smart #1 Advantageous?

Owning the smart # 1 is not only advantageous to the environment but there are also a lot of other benefits. 

First, the smart technology gives the new model AI technology with functions for entertainment, driver assistance systems and a range of functions tailored for comfort and safety. The control interface is user-friendly, with an AI avatar that helps navigate the different menus. The addition of a smartphone app further improves interaction with the software and technology of the vehicle.

The car has developed high dynamic handling for a steady and safe drive. Technological advancements have seen the development of a fast charging experience where the charge can go from 10% to 80% in just half an hour. 

The speed has also been increased, with the car hitting 111 miles per hour with ease and stability. With a fully charged 66kW battery, you are guaranteed 260 miles of driving. 

Smart #1 is estimated to retail at £35,000 in the UK, including the Plug-In Car Grant (PICG). Mercedes will handle all after-sales in Europe. You can buy smart #1 online. 

It is expected to be made available in the UK from January 2023. The Brabus and Pro+ Premium models will only go on sale during late spring 2023. 

A cars battery determines if a car will serve you and for the smart #1, the battery pack has a capacity of 66 kW and is a Lithium-ion. The battery’s tech specifications are nickel, cobalt, and manganese.

Key facts of the smart #1

The smart # 1 is set to be available in the market in January 2023. The cost is still unknown, but the standard is estimated to retail at £35,000 and the BRABUS to cost under £50,000. The standard will be first on sale, with the pro, premium and BRABUS set to be released later in spring.

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