Are you down in the dumps? Forever feeling like a pessimist? Based on a book read by 21 million people, read this article about the law of attraction and you’ll turn from Negative Nelly to Positive Pat.

Practising the Law of Attraction is said to be one of the most helpful tools used to help achieve your life objectives.

So, what is the Law of Attraction?

If you talk, act, think and generally exude positivity, then you’ll attract positivity into your life. Likewise with negativity, if you exude negativity then you’ll attract negativity. Essentially the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, energy attracts energy.

‘like attracts like’

For example, if something has upset you, and you continue to think about the ordeal, you tend to find that you’ll become even more upset.

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, as aforementioned has sold over 21 million copies in print, being translated to over 44 languages, being featured two times by The Oprah Winfrey Show and also having combined gross film revenues in excess of $300m in sales.


Here is a summary of the world famous’ The Secret;


Your Mind is like a Transmission Tower

Think of a frequency in a similar way to how a TV works. TV’s have frequencies known to you and I, as channels. If we don’t want to watch a channel, we’ll change it. This tunes into a different frequency and shows us a different channel. Your thought’s become things. Thoughts have frequencies, as you think, those thoughts will attract similar frequencies. Change your thoughts, to change your life.


Ask, Believe and Receive

If you want anything new in your life, whether that be it; material goods, changes in routine or to find your soulmate, you need to follow three steps; asking, believing and receiving. Each step actively involves thinking these things over and over in your mind.

When you’re asking for something you need to be very specific and clear about what you desire. Next, believe what you’re asking can come actually come true and materialise. Finally, you must act as if you have already received it. Enjoy the feeling of ‘already having it’.

According to The Secret’s Law of Attraction, the purpose of this last step is make your mind think that you already have it because that will subconsciously, inevitably lead you to what you want.


Living with Laughter will bring Good Health

There have been several scientific studies that show laughter is such a powerful emotion that it directly correlates to helping cure illness as well as bringing happiness you and those around you. Think of laughter as the best type of natural medicine.

If you find it difficult to laugh, start with a full smile, then with time gradually increase that full smile to laughter. Do things that will help you laugh, like going to a Comedy Show.


Regularly Practice Visualising

Visualising is one of the most powerful methods of the Law of Attraction. Imagine and think about what it is you desire regularly. Painting this imprint in your mind will only motivate you to work harder towards your desired thing, whilst subconsciously attracting all components for what you require to complete your goal.


Give Money to Receive More Money

First and foremost vocally and mentally give thanks and appreciation for the money you do have, for this will bring future prosperity as like attracts like.

Think of this like Karma – what comes around, goes around. The Secret explains; giving and generosity are powerful acts of kindness. Be altruistic and the universe will mirror your outflow with an abundance of inflow. This doesn’t mean shopping to buy the latest dress, suit or any material good for yourself, rather it refers to giving to charity for example.

This Christmas, I’m volunteering again at my local homeless shelter run by Crisis at Christmas (one of the UK’s largest homeless charity). For this, I’ve set up a Just Giving page where Start Smarter have donated and you can too!


Show Love and Respect to Yourself

A famous philosopher once said that the traits and attitudes of the people closest to you, are what you become.

Take the time to love and respect yourself. You’ll find that the universe will respond by sending you people that love and respect the same traits you love about yourself.

For clarity, this should not be interpreted as your pass to be narcissistic and excessively self-absorbed, instead take time out to thank yourself, do things you love, dispose of things that don’t fall into your ideals of showing respect towards you.


In summary, be grateful, happy and give thanks for all the positive the in your life – there is always somebody worse off. But crucially the Law of Attraction states that these actions will bring future happiness and a wealth of whatever you desire. Welcome to The Secret.

Click here to watch the film, or here for your copy of the book.

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