Communication must be incredibly efficient if businesses hope to succeed.  Every department must come together with a natural synergy to keep a company pushing forward. If there’s a breakdown in the teamworking, a host of problems can ensue. It’s also important as it ensures everyone is heard, even if someone with physical or mental difficulties struggles to speak ups. Communication should be a priority, because it’s the foundation of each company out there.  Surprisingly, animation can be the saving grace here. But how can you implement animation in business communication effectively?

Below you’ll find a few ideas that explore this line of enquiry! 

Visual Stimulation

We’ve all sat through the odd mundane presentation, and it’s absolutely no fun at all watching somebody read from cards while a bland, uninspired PowerPoint presentation loom behind them. 

The most effective presentations inspire and invigorate the audience. That’s what animation brings – it’s entertaining, attention grabbing, high production value learning, where someone has clearly utilised their artistic licence to get the job done. It’s a colourful and creative alternative to disorientating charts and bombardments of statistics. 

To be blunt, there’s no point trying to communicate with someone who thinks that everything you’re saying is just white noise, or frankly, dull. Animation, however, can bring character and warmth to everything you’re saying, which means you have a stronger chance of getting your point across! 

Succinct Presentations 

When everyone understands what they’re seeing, communication becomes that much easier thereafter. 

Graphs, charts, and endless lists of statistics can be confusing and disorientating. The speeches about them can be muddled, and workers leave the meeting room feeling completely lost. Obviously, this is no good for anyone, and in absolutely no one’s interests! However, a short online marketing video, otherwise known as a video explainer, can provide some quick clarity.  

The perfect example of quality animation for a business setting can be found in Nibbler’s explainer videos. Nibbler highlights that they ‘convey more with less’, and that’s the perfect way to look at it – everything is succinct and simply understood, beautifully refining huge, unwieldly ideas into short little works of art. It encapsulates what would usually be a long, dreary speech, and compresses it into something beautiful. Now that’s power! 

Boosting Confidence

Public speaking does not come to naturally to everyone, but animation handily provides a work around. 

There’s been some suggestion in certain circles that a fear of public speaking can limit career growth, and while the problem can be overcome, sometimes people don’t have the capacity to put up a fight against their deepest fears each and every day without fail. Everyone has bad days and off days, and there are times where energy is low, and a rest is required. That’s valid! Use of animation in business communication can be an effective work around.

In this instance, you can just fire off a brief to a video production company, and they’ll take care of the rest. You can still communicate all your ideas in all their unfiltered glory, but you can do so without having all eyes upon you, but on your collaborative work instead. It can even instil you with your confidence, because your ideas are being realised through what is essentially art. That’s absolutely something to be proud of! 

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