The Team

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Adam Niazi


Trained as an accountant, experience of starting and running four businesses, coupled with occasionally holding various startup related seminars at universities and colleges. A keen investor, writer, gym user and cook.

Levi Levent


I've been in business since the age of sixteen working in various sectors from e-commerce to legal. I've made many mistakes along the way but have learnt from them.

Teral Atilan

Volunteer Journalist

A journalism graduate from London College of Communication. During university she interviewed Henry Holland and is now found writing her own fashion blog at

Amy Bonnor


With a background from studying social interaction and communication. Amy uses this knowledge and interest, sharing its relation to the world of enterprise and showing how effective interactions can get a start-up well on its way.

Hannah Goodey


Writer who loves learning and researching a vast array of topics. Interested in journalism, business, and conservation.

Jake Leonard

Freelance Writer

Jake Leonard is a freelance writer, he creates web content for websites specialising in the finance and business sector, when it comes to finance there isn't anything he doest love to write about. Currently he is writing for Merchant Money, the UK's leading business loan company. Jake particularly enjoys researching financial news and topics for the budding entrepreneur.

Katherine Hignett


I am a postgraduate student, interested in science, technology and business journalism! Having worked for a diverse range of small businesses, I have experienced the difficulties and rewards that come with starting and growing start-up businesses.

Patrick Adesite


A budding engineer beginning my first venture in journalism; one that will surely be unique as it's not the obvious undertaking. Looking to use my experiences and interests to give an alternative insight on various issues from the evident to the ambiguous.

Patrick Penzo

Volunteer Journalist

Patrick graduated from Oxford University with a First in Classics & Philosophy. He launched a company in Adelaide as part of a mentoring programme in 2012 and has recently worked for the European Commission producing videos for its big cultural project Europeana 1914-1918.

E. R. Stair

Volunteer Journalist

I am a humanities student at Oxford University, keeping an eye on business developments through the lenses of feminism, disability awareness and health. I hope to distill equality legislation and highlight ways new businesses can attract and engage a diverse customer base and workforce.

Srshti Putcha

Volunteer Journalist

I have a passion for learning, reading and problem solving. Always looking for new ways to put ideas across to readers!

Vicki Cheng

Volunteer Journalist

Born and raised in Hong Kong, now studying Journalism in London. I love traveling and I am passionate about business after witnessing the power of social entrepreneurship first hand. I don't have much, but I am a spiritual billionaire!