Your ability to build a strong brand is often the key to exceptional business growth. After all, your brand is the backbone of your business. It’s what draws new customers in and keeps old ones coming back for more.

In this article, we’ll break down some of the most common challenges businesses face when it comes to branding – alongside the strategies you can employ to conquer them.

Challenge One: Standing Out From the Crowd

Building your brand is all about identifying what makes you stand out and building an identity around this. In short, it’s about finding and exploiting your USP so that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Ideally, you should ensure that the qualities that make you unique are reflected in all aspects of your branding, from logo to web design and everything in between. For example, if your brand voice is fun and energetic, you may want to feature colours that take on a similar association, such as yellow, orange, or pink. Conversely, if your brand is centred around rest and relaxation, you may want to choose pastel colours.

Challenge Two: Trademark Infringement

Creating the perfect name for your business or designing a logo that stands out is incredibly time-consuming. Furthermore, as this forms such a crucial aspect of your brand identity, it’s something that you’ll likely feel quite proud of. As such, it can be incredibly disheartening when you see a business infringing a trade mark by using the same name or design.

In addition to being frustrating, this can also cause significant damage to your reputation if the other business does not maintain similarly high customer care and support standards. After all, you’ll automatically be associated with them because they’re using your name. As such, it’s important that you act quickly as soon as this issue is brought to light, whether that be through sending a cease and desist or asking for further legal guidance and support.

Challenge Three: Staying Relevant

There’s a reason why brands tend to subtly change their logo or branding over time – even those that have been established for years, such as Coca-Cola and Disney. They do so in order to maintain relevancy and keep up with their customer’s changing needs or desires. As such, to stay relevant, you should be willing to make similar changes when it comes to your branding.

You should also consider rebranding if your vision for your business changes. For example, you may start out as a company that offers one specific product, meaning you built your branding around this. However, once you’ve got more funding under your belt, your product line may expand – meaning you need to brand yourself slightly differently. Otherwise, you may find that your newer products do not sell quite as well.

In short, the key to staying relevant in terms of branding is remembering that your brand is not set in stone. It is something that has to grow and change alongside your business and your customers.

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