After the turbulent events of the last year, it’s easy to assume that many workers will cling to their jobs as if their lives depended on them. A crippled economy, the stress of furlough and redundancies – it’s all undoubtedly taken its toll. It has made the organisation find ways of reducing employee turnover.

However, since the pandemic, many employees surprisingly plan to vacate their roles, with employers shouldering much of the blame. Therefore, if you’re a manager yourself, you should be pulling out all the stops in appeasing your employees. How can you make them happy? What measures do you need to take here?

Keep reading after the jump for our 3 tips on reducing employee turnover.

Provide Quality Feedback 

Feedback is essential, but how you present it can play a crucial factor in keeping workers around. 

For instance, if you’re vague and aloof about these matters, your hires will see through this quickly. Put simply, they aren’t stupid, and they need to see visual evidence that you’re committed to their overall career development. That’s where performance management software can make a crucial difference. 

To provide impactful feedback, explore StaffCircle’s system. Their user-friendly performance management software facilitates more meaningful interactions with your teams about their performance and gives them structure. One-to-one feedback, real-time performance feedback, and monthly and quarterly reviews – talent management has never been more optimised. Moreover, their software seamlessly integrates with programmes like Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, so you can quickly build your familiarity with the performance management systems.

Recognise Their Ambition 

Any workers who feel that their talents are stunted will surely depart. 

A workplace should feel like a labyrinth of possibilities where aspirations are rewarded and encouraged. After all, some people simply fall out of love with their job and look for their calling elsewhere. These changes can be natural as their interests change over time, but there is always at least two ways to keep them intrigued by your business; money and progression. 

Give your employees room to grow. Offer feedback on not only how they can thrive in their roles, but also how they can expand their talents beyond the confines of their position. Your employees need to feel like they have a real future at your business, and ultimately, only you can instil them with that belief by creating more opportunities. Thus reducing employee turnover in your organisation.

Offer Flexible Work Terms

The last year has been one of significant disruption, and to be ignorant of that fact can be extremely dangerous for you if you’re a manager. 

Few people have endured a smooth time in their personal lives recently. Consequently, it may be appropriate for you to introduce more flexible work terms so that your employees can enjoy a better home and work-life balance. Perhaps they could work two days at home and three in the office? Maybe they could have more input on their hours, providing they meet their deadlines on time?

Workers can vacate their positions when life gets hard. Disabilities, childcare, looking after vulnerable family members – all these things can add up and mean that workers cannot adhere to a rigid 9-5 routine. Offer some additional flexibility, and they’ll not only be able to work from you, but they’ll appreciate you looking out for their needs also. You can build loyalty from there.

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