There are many reasons why you may choose to set up a new office space. Whether it’s because you are expanding your business, or you are moving to a bigger space, it is going to require a lot of organisation to ensure it is set up correctly.

With a complicated legal process and a variety of expenses to endure, it can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming process once you have secured a new location. To help you on your way, here are some top tips for setting up your new commercial office space.

#1 Get connected

Your entire business is going to require a connection to the internet. This should be one of the first things that you get sorted out when you move into your new office, as it often takes a long time to come through. Make sure you speak to a variety of different providers to get the best phone and internet deal for your business. These should be costed at a reasonable price, and ensure they will help you run your business efficiently. Make sure the internet speed is fast, secure and has enough bandwidth for your business activities.

#2 Organise the space

When moving to a new office, you are going to be welcomed with a large, empty room. Take some time to review the space that you have, what your priorities are and how you can maximise the available space. You may also choose to work with an architect or an interior designer to help you create a good working environment.

Think about the different colours and features that you want around the room, that are going to encourage a productive and inviting working space. They should also reflect your brand and your values. Make sure you have dedicated areas for breaks and lunches, bathrooms and a kitchen. You may also choose to have meeting rooms and other functions in the space, depending on your business needs and the available space. Organise the rest of the commercial office space in a way that gives all your employee’s personal space, and room for desks, chairs and any equipment they may need. You can organise the space with cupboards and roller racking, so all your paperwork can be filed accordingly.

You might find that you have to experiment with different layouts at first until you find one that works best.

#3 Make it safe

Safety is vital in any working space, especially if it is new and unfamiliar to you. Start by analysing the areas to see if there are any problems or areas that need fixing. Remove any obvious hazards, secure equipment and set up an ongoing review process. You should also train your staff on how to stay safe in the office and make this a part of your onboarding practice. Mark the fire exists and create an escape plan that you can share with the office.

#4 Get feedback

Your employees are going to be the ones working in the office all day, every day. It can be extremely insightful to ask them for feedback about the new space and ask them to put forward any ideas or requirements that they feel are necessary. This will create a better working culture, and ensure your employees are happy. It may also give you a fresh perspective and new ideas when you are feeling stuck and unsure about how to improve the space.

Setting up a new office can be stressful, as there are hundreds of tasks you need to do. These top tips will help you get off to a great start.

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