It’s easy saying my target market is this, that and the other but how do you actually reach your target market online? Here is how:

Method 1: Google Adwords

Adwords by Google allows you to create a highly detailed advertising campaign. Ads created on Adwords will be displayed on the right panel of related Google searches.

How does it help me reach my target market?
Adwords gives you many options which help you reach your target market here are a few:

  1. Location: You can enter the country, city, region and even post code of  the areas you want to target which makes this great for small businesses as well as large.
  2. Devices: You can select which devices you want to reach users on, what internet connection they are using (wifi or 3G) as well as what phone network they are on (O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile .etc. This could be useful if you have a mobile version of your site and want to start an advertising campaign or if you do not wish to target mobile users and disable your ads from being viewed by them. Money saved.
  3. Age range: You can select a preset age range of people you would like to target.
  4. Sex: Is your business a women’s clothing boutique? Don’t waste your hard earned money on targeting males.

Adwords suits every budget, you can set your budget per click, per day. For example you can specify your budget as follows: I want to pay no more than 2p per click and do not want to spend more than £2.00 a day. You can manage your budget to suit your needs.

Method 2: Facebook Adverts

Facebook Adverts is my favourite, allowing you to connect to over 800 million users and target them by location and interest. This is a seriously detailed but unbelievably user-friendly advertising solution. Your ads will be displayed on the right sidebar of
If you’re one of many Facebook users you’re sure to have been intrigued by and clicked a Facebook ad, just goes to show it works!
You have the option to make your ad link to an external URL (e.g. your website) or an internal Facebook page (e.g. your Facebook profile/page). You can get even more detailed and promote a specific post or article on your Facebook page!

How does it help me reach my target market?

  1. Location: Like Adwords you can select the country, city, region and even postal code or the area you want to target.
  2. Age: In addition to the age range you can also select the exact age of people you want to target.
  3. Sex: Again, you can target one of the the two or either of the sexes.
  4. Interests: You can select people with specific interests from people who like football to Lady Gaga fans. If you run a baking supplies store you can target your ads to people who are interested in baking.
  5. Sexuality: You can target any sexuality you wish.
  6. Relationship status: Have a dating site? No point in targeting in the married.
  7. Languages: You can target people who speak a certain languages
  8. Education: Secondary, University, Graduate? It’s all in your hands.
  9. Workplace: Own a dry cleaners? Why not target the staff of the large office across the street?

Google Adwords is great, getting your hands on £50 Adwords vouchers is as easy as taking pencils from Ikea, however Facebook is where my allegiance lies. The simplicity of the interface along with the amazing detailed features it allows me to target who I want at the price I want.


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