People from diverse cultural, ethnic, traditional, and religious backgrounds visit countries for numerous reasons. Some may visit for exposure, and some visit for a better lifestyle and education. When one finds the environment suitable for their mental and physical well-being, a person may opt to settle at that place for a better future. In this scenario, you have to follow the country’s procedure set by their government and administration. If you’re thinking of moving to the UK, you’ll need to follow the procedure/UK immigration checklist outlined as in this article.

Applying For A UK Visa

People apply for UK visas for different purposes, so the UK has developed an organized system to regulate visa applications. Based on the person’s requirement, the UK offers several types of visas with specific document requirements. You can apply for a student visa, divided into sub-categories like short-term study visas, etc. Similarly, you can also apply for a refugee or business visa.

Points Based System

Before digging into the visa requirements, one should know the UK points-based system (PBS). The purpose of introducing PBS for UK visa applications is to simplify and regulate the visa application system. The visa requirements have fixed points. When the candidate meets visa criteria, he gains points against each standard. To enhance the maximum chances of getting a visa, the candidate should attain the fixed points set by the concerned authorities. 

If you want a skilled worker visa, you need 70 points. You can get 50 points after submitting a job offer from an employer that has been approved by the Home Office, and you should be able to prove your English proficiency. The remaining 20 points are provided if you meet a minimum salary criteria of £25,600 a year. You can also get extra points if you have better qualifications.

Things That Are Mandatory For Your Visa Application:

If you want UK immigration, you must consider the following steps to avoid inconvenience. First, choose the correct visa application form depending on your circumstances and needs. Since the UK has developed a PBS system, you should gain specific points stated by the authorities.

Depending on the UK visa application type, the candidate; must submit the specific required documents. Always countercheck that the required documents you are submitting must meet the criteria set by UK authorities.

Application Form

Fill out the online application form if there is no compulsion to fill it manually. For documents, the candidate should keep in mind that all the documents must be printable on A4 size paper. If you need assistance with your application, you can always reach out to an experienced London immigration lawyer to ensure a positive outcome.

Financial Proof

You need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself while living in the UK, depending on your visa application type and circumstances. The financial documentation that is accepted by the immigration authority include your bank statements or letters, official loan letters, or valid financial sponsorship letters. 

If your parents are financing your expenses, you must prove your relationship with your parents. It may include your birth/adoption certificate. You also need to submit a letter from your parents as consent and a statement that they give you the right to use money. 

For Underage Applicants

If you are under the age of 18, you will have to submit a consent letter from both parents/ guardians for your visa application. It is always recommended to get in touch with an immigration lawyer for assistance with underage applicants, as these applications require additional documentation.

Proof of Accommodation

The candidates should submit an accommodation document as evidence of their stay in the UK.

Passport and Other Documentation

  • Your passport/other travel documents – Your passport should be valid for three months. It should contain one blank page for the visa. The candidate also needs to submit recent colored photographs.
  • If you are applying for a work visa, you need to submit a letter from your employer. It should clearly state your position at work, your salary, and the time of your stay in the company.  
  • For a business visa, you should submit business registration documents. 
  • In case of a student visa application, you will submit a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) certificate. You will receive this document from the university via email. So, you only need to submit the CAS reference number in your application. 
  • The applicant must have to submit tuberculosis test results. If your test result is negative, you will receive a certificate valid for 6 months. 
  • You must submit the receipt as evidence of visa fee payment. 
  • If you submit any document that is not in English, then you need its translation. It must be duly attested with a confirmation from the translator that it is the ditto translation of the original document, the translator’s details, and the translation date.
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