Rejection and failure; for some of us those two terms are our greatest fear and something we hate to face. Why? Well they don’t exactly give you hope if faced persistently; you lose trust in your ability to make the right decisions and pursue things you aspire to. You may possess the mind-set that if you ‘know’ that you won’t be successful in what you’re trying to achieve then what’s the point of wasting your time. So how do you conquer the fear?

Caleb Meakins is a Loughborough University Graduate who has set upon starting the ultimate entrepreneurial challenge known as “My 40 Days” in which he faces challenges where common sense tells him he will inevitably fail.

Here is a video of Day 14 of his challenge where he attempts to perform a train announcement and ride in the drivers cabin.

What do you thing ok Caleb’s approach to gaining confidence? What task would you propose to him? Comment below; we want to hear you suggestions!

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