Making videos which are going to stand out to the world and help you to become a real influencer is a challenge. In the last few years, there has been a surge in people going onto YouTube or Facebook to share their videos, and it is making it much harder for you to push through these crowds to get your own point across.

Making a good video is about being yourself, giving value and being professional. These are our top video making tips for you this year.

Camera angles

When you are watching a YouTube video you might notice that different angles and different effects are used throughout to show humour and give the video some personality. People will often edit their videos so that they zoom in on something funny, or they will twist a video to make a joke. Think about these little things which can transform a regular sitting down the video into something great.

Zoom in

As you go through corporate video production stages, you need to ensure that the frame in the shot is a good one. Take the time to make sure that anything you don’t want in the shot is cropped out, and zoom into your face more so that you are clear and close to the screen. This allows people to connect with you much better and it can make a huge difference to the success of a video online.

Body language

If you sit in front of a camera and are hunched over, with hands in front of you and eyes down, what kind of message are you sending? It is more important to pay attention to your posture and assume an open and friendly position so that people don’t feel uncomfortable watching you talk. Be animated and don’t be afraid to make jokes and move around, you don’t need to feel embarrassed to be in front of the camera.

Cut between shots

If you want to seem as professional as all of the other creators out there, you need to learn to split and cut your video clips. If you shoot in one continuous stream, make sure that you cut between sentences and also cut out any mistakes that you make during the filming of the video. This will not only cut the time of the video and make people more likely to watch it, but it will also make a big difference to your video overall.

Add visuals

One of the ways you can help yourself when making a video is to add in text and images within the frame to demonstrate a point or to point to an object. Whether you are making a corporate presentation video or a makeup tutorial, visuals can be incredibly helpful for you and this will make things look much more professional and show that you know what you are doing. Using an app like iMovie will make this so much easier for you because you can still overlay your audio and this will make you look like a pro.

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