Digital influencers are so popular that no decent marketing manager can design a strategy without including digital influencers in their digital marketing. Indeed, a digital influencer is an individual or a business that has built an active and engaged follower base. Most influencers have a preferred niche, although it is fair to say that they tend to be most effective in marketing activities related to lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and food – where the audience groups are broader. However, you will find highly successful influencers in other sectors, such as Neil Patel in marketing, for instance. Digital marketers are also familiar with Matt Cutts who used to be the SEO face of Google for several years. And even after Matt has changed job and used his personal blog to discuss both professional and personal issues, his follower base has not decreased; he has become a respected celebrity. So, what does it take to become a digital influencer?

It’s someone who understands the importance of accessibility

The first rule of being in a position to influence digital users is to make your content accessible to all kind of users. From a technical point of view, it means that you need a website design that can automatically adjust to the size of the screen. Responsive designs are not a novelty. However, too many sites have not yet embraced the movement. Your visitors don’t want to be directed to a mobile version of your site when they’re on smartphones. They want to access the same information across all devices. Additionally, accessibility since the GDPR regulations has gained an additional meaning. Indeed, since the entry in force of GDPR in May 2018, several US websites have radically chosen to exclude all visitors from the EU, in order to reduce the risks of fines and legal actions regarding data confidentiality. Ultimately, you would expect a digital influencer to have kept their site accessible to all countries.

It’s someone who knows how to be engaging

You don’t become an influencer overnight. It’s a path that takes time and demands dedication. Influencers gain a large follower base through their content. However, the idea of producing informative and useful content for your users is widespread in the marketing industry. Yet, not all bloggers are influencers. What differentiates the influencers from the rest of online content producers, is that they can generate highly engaging content. It’s no surprise that most influencers are huge on YouTube. Indeed, videos are naturally compelling and have a way of yielding results such as increased CTR, shares, leads and sales. Your influencer kit should include video editing tips and tools to share a professional image online. Besides, you also need to create content that is genuine and brings a new angle.

It’s someone who’s active on social media

There is no influencer without social media platforms. While influencers need to build a robust digital presence, their core element of interactions is social media. You need to decide which platform is best suited for your content: Facebook is great to share all sorts of media, while Instagram can only support videos and photos, for instance. On social media, captivating content brings people in. So, once you understand the message you’re trying to convey, you need to focus on establishing fresh perspectives. But as an influencer, you also need to learn how to connect effectively with your community.

It’s someone who shares positivity

To influence is to reach out to someone and teach them about a new idea or a new product. In other words, what keeps influencers relevant is their ability to appeal to a broad audience through their authenticity and their positivity. People want you to deliver a positive experience. On the one hand, your followers expect your content to make them happy. So they want to know more about what you like. On the other hand, potential clients also expect positive promotion and outreach campaigns when they hire your services. In short, refrain from using angry or shocking communication.

It’s someone who knows their SEO worth

Finally, what makes you an influencer is that you can drive traffic online. The main reason why companies might get in touch with you is that they want to suggest collaborating on a marketing campaign. Indeed, niche influencers can dramatically boost the content marketing ROI of a business. Through guest posts, interviews and reviews, you can help a company increase its outreach. And that’s because you understand the power of SEO that you don’t misuse your personal brand for the wrong product or service.

You will not become a digital influencer overnight. However, by honing your skills, you can grow your follower base and your marketing influence significantly. At the heart of your profile, there’s a passion for inspiring and helping. Never forget this: The best digital influencers want to make a difference in their world.


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