Startups should use all forms of media in order to get the best media attention. Increasingly, however, a video seems the best way to get a message across to the end user.

We have been asked by our readers for our take on the best video editing software out there – here are our top 3.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Individual £19.97 /mth

Adobe has recently switched to a cloud-based description rather than a one-off cost outlay from a purchase. This makes the software accessible to start-ups like yours, it still is expensive at nearly £20 month. However, saying that Adobe is the best software on the market in our view. It has got all the bells and whistles you can ask for. Not only that, due to its cloud-based subscription, all the updates are inclusive in the monthly cost. This means you always have the up-to-date version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

In summary, this software is recommended for the more advanced video editor and not for the beginner editor. It can be complex to use and get your head, around however it definitely is the crème de la crème.


2. Apple iMovie


You’ll be surprised how easy this software is to use. Not only that it is also free for Apple users. The obvious drawback here is that not all of our readers will be Mac owners and we understand this, so if you’re not a Mac owner please feel free to skip along.

Those who do own a Mac and will have the pleasure of owning the software in our view this is probably the best video free editing software out there for a beginner. It’s easy to lay an audio over a video. It is also easy to add your logo watermark to the video. In addition, we understand that once you take a video in its raw formats a lot of the content may need to cut. The great thing about Apple iMovie is that you can easily cut, chop and change your video to suit you. Once you’ve finished you can directly export your video to either YouTube or save down to your files for distribution.

There are many video tutorials on the Internet to help you and guide you along the way. However, we doubt you’ll need much guidance duties easy functionalities.

Check out the recent Instagram Live video interview (this post is scheduled to published on Monday 12th November at 16:30 and so won’t work until then) we edited in under 30 minutes.

In summary, we would definitely say this is our favourites free video editing software for Mac users.


3. Movavi

movavi screen capture pro

Screen Capture Studio £44.95

Whilst the Mojave we’ve priced above is primarily marketed as a screen recording tool, Movavi also has an array of video editing software. The reason why we mention Movavi’s screen recording tool is due to its ability to edit and cut your video once you’ve recorded. This is useful for when you want to record a webinar that you’re having let’s say in Skype or Google hangouts or any other software you use for interviews. Movavi also provides a handy guide on how to record a webinar.

Movavi Screen Recorder also claim to record the interview in a way that will not lose any video or audio quality. In addition, you can capture audio from multiple sources before exporting your video in popular formats.

If you are an Apple user and you are watching the pennies, you can use the free screen recorder tool using Apple’s new operating system update (Mojave) and then use the Apple iMovie above for editing your video screenshot.

In summary, this software is very useful in saving time if you need to record your screen and then edit the video after. Think of the Movavi Screen Recorded as an all-in-one.


If you feel that there are other software out there that we have not included on our list please do comment below.


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