If you’ve got your own business and you’re starting to consider setting up an office space, there are a few essentials you need to think carefully about. Below we’ve listed what these are and what you’ll need to set up a functional space for your team. It can help you when looking for premises for your business, as well as knowing what you’ll need to kit it out. If you’re interested in learning more then take a look at some of our advice. You must consider following things before setting up your own office:

How Much Space Is Needed?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is how much space you’ll need. Consider things such as the size of your team, storage space, meeting spaces, and whether you’re planning to hire more team members in the near future.

Do You Need Separate Workspaces?

Consider whether you’re going to need an open plan office with all team members working together, or whether you need separate office space for different team members. Will management need their own offices or will they work amongst the rest of the team? Bear in mind aspects such as if your business receives high amounts of calls then you may need some separate spaces to cancel out the noise for other team members. Will there need to be a waiting area and space to speak to clients and customers? You will also need a break room for your employees and basic kitchen amenities for them to use.

What IT Equipment Do You Require?

Depending on the type of business you run, you’ll need to make sure your office is equipped with all the necessary IT equipment and tech that’s needed. You’ll also have to plan in advance where it will all be situated in the office and whether you need extra for future employees. Create a checklist of all the equipment needed, and try to find a balance between shopping around to save money and having tech of high enough quality.

Where Can You Find Cost-Effective Office Furniture?

The office furniture you choose is more important than you may think. You need to bear in mind that as well as saving money, the furniture needs to be comfortable and ergonomic for your employees. They will be spending the majority of their day sitting at their desks and if they don’t have the right furniture it can impact their health. You can find reasonably priced secondhand office furniture at recycled business furniture, who not only supply but also deliver and install it for you too. Before buying what you need, you need to make sure you’ve got enough furniture for all your team. If you forget to order enough, it will delay launching your office space.

Would You Consider Expanding in The Future?

A bit factor when setting up your office is planning ahead. Would you be planning to extend soon if your office space proved successful? If so, you need to consider whether there is room to expand when it’s time to, or whether there are similar office spaces nearby to use.

Where Will Your Offices Be Located?

It’s important to factor in a location both for yourself and your team. If you have an existing team in place, you should try and be considerate of the distance they will need to travel and whether there is public transport access for those that may not drive. For those that do drive, you need to include parking access for them near to the office space. Also, consider whether the office space is appropriately located for customers and clients too.

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