Who am I to be successful? Who am I to do great things? Who am I to be rich? Who am I to be famous? 

These are all questions that everybody; in all walks of life will think to themselves, but I ask you to consider this for a second; what is the point in living, existing, breathing in order to be merely mediocre? The most successful beings in society are not the most talented, the most naturally gifted, or even the most fortunate.  The most successful people are the hardest working people who possess the greatest mental fortitude.

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The always true saying goes, “I am my own worst enemy,” but if you are able to overcome the power of your own mind, which will hinder your path by way of self doubt and emotion over logic, most would say you are three quarters of the way to achieving your goal.

However, this self doubt is a poison which all humans possess as part of our DNA, this is where the aforementioned “who am I to” questions come from.  We live in a society which encourages us to sit around and let life pass us by, a society that ridicules another for attempting to do great things or achieve goals in life.  As a consequence of this, we have preconceived fears of being subject to ridicule and embarrassment if we try to work towards what we WANT to do.  So, whilst it is to be conceded that most human beings have goals, what percentage of us actually tries to achieve them? Compare that to the percentage that decides it is too risky or that it will fail, and we have ourselves a worryingly lopsided number.  A wise man once said,

[quote]“If you are not prepared to go too far in life, you will never go far enough.” – Chael Sonnen, 2011[/quote]

The message I leave you with is to test the boundaries of life, make sacrifices to try to achieve what you want, most of these won’t exist as sacrifices once you achieve your goals anyway. Remember that it is within YOUR power to achieve what you want, let the ridiculers continue to ridicule, while you continue to stride closer and closer, towards your goals.

Who am I to be successful?

No, who are you NOT to be successful?

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