All too often businesses fail within their first eighteen months of trading because they haven’t taken the time to consider their staff.

Yes, you might be concerned with finances, funding and cash flow, but you need to pay attention to the other aspects of your business vision. As an entrepreneur, you must make sure that your business entity is fit for purpose. This means having the right personnel on board to help you achieve your goals. By investing in this personnel, you can be sure of a highly motivated, productive and skilled team. Read on to find out how best you can invest in your staff and your business.


If you take on a young team of recruits with the aim of moulding them into your dream business unit, then you need to be willing to invest in the upskilling of your staff. Don’t pay lip service to professional development, and instead, enrol them on high quality and worthwhile courses such as a digital marketing apprenticeship. By providing your team with a new skill set, you are providing your startup with greater functionality. This means you won’t have to rely on outsourcing to get the highest quality work and you can maintain inclusive in house processes. There is always the risk that once you have provided your employees with new qualifications and skills, that they will take these elsewhere as they move jobs. However, if you provide a fantastic working environment, this risk should be minimised.

Working Environment

Forget the beige carpet tiles and brown walls with a sea of desktop cubicles for your staff to work in, you need to bring your office environment into the twenty-first century. No employee, however, dedicated, is going to be thrilled at the prospect of entering a drab and dull working environment every morning. By investing some of your hard earned cash into a splash of white paint, a touch of greenery, some local artwork and a range of collaborative working pods, you can facilitate a more dynamic office space. This means more water cooler moments, greater ideas being generated, and higher productivity.

Be A Boss Like A Boss

Becoming an employer rather than an employee can take some transitioning. You want to be everyone’s pal but you know that you need to maintain a safe professional distance. At the same time, you can’t allow power to get to your head. You need to be conscientious, focused and willing to be out on the shop floor. Don’t lock yourself in your office, only to become a mythical boss-like entity. Be present and communicate. Share successes and goals, and namecheck those individuals who are working particularly hard. Engaging your employees by investing the time to get to know them and what makes them tick will lead to greater morale. This means more significant rates of productivity and a happier workplace.


Investing in your employees means you will get the best out of them. This is vital to ensure that your business has every chance of success.

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