When you’re someone that wants to run a business, it might be something that you’re forever dreaming about. That you spend your time thinking about. That you just wish you could work on no. Today. Right here. But, sometimes, you have other things going on.

And a small business falls to the bottom of the pile. Because with your full-time job and life getting in the way, it’s easy to think that you just don’t have the time for it. But you do. And, in fact, deciding to start your small business on the side of your full-time thing is actually the smartest thing to do. Let’s take a look at exactly why that’s the case.

It’s Fun

So first of all, it’s fun. You actually get to follow your dreams. To get started on this company idea of yours – even if it is just for an hour or two a day. You’re doing it. And there’s no better feeling than that. Plus, when you’re working on a company idea that you love, then it’s actually fun to spend your time doing the work alongside your full-time thing too.

There’s No Pressure

And not only that, but there’s no pressure either, which is great. Because you don’t have to earn a living to pay the bills doing what you’re doing now. You’re just doing it out of love. And you can build something better when you’re doing it without pressure. Because that’s the thing about following your passion, when you’re reliant on it to make a living, it can be tough and stressful and zap the fun out of it. But when you don’t, it’s yours to just enjoy building.

You Can Test The Waters

A huge plus of there not being that pressure to make money just yet is that you can see if it works. And it’s right for you! So you can get a sense for whether you’ll be able to earn money, or if you’re going to hate doing it.

It’s Cheaper

It may also save you money. Rather than having to launch professionally and have to pay out on big bills and try to get money coming in, you can just do things gradually. And for your bills, you can find things like part-time trade insurance where you don’t have to commit to bigger costs. You don’t even have to rent office space or business premises, you can just work from home for free. Then move on up when the time is right to take things full-time.

Gives You Chance To Collaborate

When you’ve started a business on the side, you have an opportunity to connect and collaborate with those that might be in a similar situation to you. It might also be necessary to do some outsourcing when it comes to your side business because you’ve not got all the hours in the day to be able to dedicate enough time to it. So whether you’re looking for social media promotion or helping to produce video content for products, there are companies out there that can help. Fable Studios is a good example of how you can take this opportunity to collaborate with both professionals and perhaps individuals in the same position as you at the moment, who want to help boost the profile of their own work.

It’s Exciting

But then also, there’s a thrill too. Sure, you’re Clark Kent by night, doing your thing, paying the bills, living your average life. But then at night? Or early in the morning? Or on the weekends? You’re this business-building phenomenon that’s really going places. So even if work sucks and you’re stressed at home, building your business is your mecca. It’s sacred. It’s exciting. You can get through the monotony of everything else because you know your dream is already being built.


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