If you’re thinking of taking that golden idea and turning it into a fully-fledged business, maybe you plan to open an eCommerce store or begin tutoring internationally, your plans for an online presence shouldn’t stop at creating a website. Mobile-friendliness is key to building trust and generating an audience for your products or services. While you might find that pulling together an app is in your best interests, the least you could do is make sure your website is mobile compatible and suited to the small screen. Here’s why.

It Enhances Your Visibility

Formatting your website to be compatible with mobile devices means you’re furthering your chances of prospective customers actually sticking around. Around half of all internet traffic is done through mobile devices, and if your site isn’t optimized for those that are on the move or don’t have access to a desktop, you’re limiting your possibilities of exposure.

Mobile-friendliness is about more than just your initial site visitors, though. It’s far less likely that people will share your site on their social pages, and perhaps might not even possible if it doesn’t work properly with phones. Plus, ranking high on Google will be strictly limited, which hinders your chances of visibility even more. You’d really be missing out on an opportunity here to add greater usability and convenience to your users.

Improved Browsing Experience

Statistics show that you have between 10 and 20 seconds to get the attention of your users, with this being the average time spent on a website. By adapting to the mobile platform, you’re offering an improved browsing experience that greatly increases the likelihood of people sticking around. Navigation becomes much simpler, as does the online checkout process.

In some capacity, we’re all able to understand what people expect from a startup’s website because we’re all consumers in one way or another. Someone who wants to purchase a new console through their phone won’t waste any time on a site that simply doesn’t work or offers limited functionality; playing online slots on a platform that fails to effectively display or load gaming software will see users take their money elsewhere. You get the drift.

Simplify Communication

Communication is key to succeeding as a startup as well as getting ahead of your competition. For the first stages in business – when you’re trying to gain exposure and amass an audience or customer base – being on hand to respond to queries, encourage sales, and build your service’s reputation can’t be overlooked. Honestly, communication goes a long way in building your voice too, as well as your brand.

Mobile-friendliness will improve your business’ efficiency by giving quick access to your contact information and social pages. Plus, it’ll mean easier control and proper functionality of your live chat service should your website offer it.

It’s How Your Customers Are Shopping

Mobile shopping has increased year on year and will continue to do so. Since 2017, that figure has grown to somewhere between 50% and 70%. If you’re not exploiting this trend, you’re leaving this opportunity entirely untapped and essentially handing sales over to your competitors. As a startup, can you really afford to be passing up the biggest chance you have at making sales?

Having an app to generate sales and get a piece of the mobile commerce pie isn’t even necessary. Simply optimizing your website for mobile users is enough to benefit from the way that consumers shop and to increase the volume of your sales.

It’s More Cost-Effective Than Putting An App Together

Now, this certainly isn’t a standalone reason for making your website mobile-friendly. As mentioned above, you should be optimizing your website for mobile usage full stop. However, many startup owners will toil with the idea of putting together an app, and doing so will no doubt be beneficial. But the point is, not all startups need one right away or even at all. Plus, you can get the enhancements that come with an app by making your website mobile compatible.

Choosing to leave app creation aside and focus on enhancing your website for mobile usage will save you a lot of cash that can be used to boost other areas of your business, such as lead generation and product design. This is something that all startups can benefit from.

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